Isakari Lab.

Isakari Lab.

Computational Mechanics Lab.

理論・実験と並ぶ理工学における問題解決の強力な手法である計算力学手法と, これを駆使した先進的機械構造物の数理最適設計法について研究しています. 問題の数理構造を的確に捉えた高度な技術により, システムデザイン工学の新潮流を開拓することを目指します.

We focus on realising novel computational method which is a powerful tool for solving problems in various fields in science and engineering along with theoretical and experimental methodologies, and mathematical optimal design method for emerging mechanical structures. We will pioneer a new trend in system design engineering by the advanced technologies that accurately capture the mathematical structure of underlying problems.


    ■ 2022/07/11:
    Wave Motionに松島君と書いた論文が掲載されました。
    Our new paper is pulished in Wave Motion. Good work, Matsushima-san!

    ■ 2022/06/24:
    Applied Mathematical Modellingに本宿君と書いた論文が掲載されました。
    Our new paper is published in Applied Mathematical Modelling. Congrats, Honshuku-san!

    ■ 2022/06/14:
    Applied Mathematical Modelling に投稿していた主著論文と Wave Motion に投稿していた共著論文がアクセプトされました。二つの報の間は16時間20分でした。
    Two papers submitted to Applied Mathematical Modelling and Wave Motion have just been accepted for publication. Two acceptance letters arrived in 16 hours and 20 minutes interval. What an amazingly short period of time!

    ■ 2022/05/06:
    I have managed to find time to update the website. The member and publication lists are updated to the latest version. The EABE paper on efficient wideband topology optimisation is now available online. Congrats, Qin-kun!

    ■ 2022/01/25:
    Our new paper is uploaded to arXiv.

    ■ 2022/01/08:
    Our paper in EABE is now available online.

    ■ 2021/12/18:
    Our new papers in JASCOME are now available online.

    ■ 2021/11/26:
    名大の高橋先生、松本先生、平井君(卒業生)との共著論文が Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements 誌に受理されました. 平井君とパラメータ曲面について議論していた頃が懐かしいです。
    Our paper (w/ Profs. Takahashi and Matsumoto, Hirai-kun) has been accepted for publication in Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements. Discussions on the parametric surface with Hirai-kun were really fruitful. Congrats!

    ■ 2021/11/25:
    Our new paper is out! This paper discusses a topology optimisation for wideband acoustic devices.

    ■ 2021/11/24:
    共著論文(A robust topology optimisation in 2D acoustics for impedance materials using the boundary element method)が計算数理工学論文集に受理されました.
    Another paper for JASCOME entitled "A robust topology optimisation in 2D acoustics for impedance materials using the boundary element method" has just been accepted for publication. Congrats, Qin-kun!

    ■ 2021/11/15:
    論文(サンプル点における曲面の勾配を考慮したBスプライン近似に基づくレベルセットトポロジー最適化)が計算数理工学論文集に受理されました. 初めての単著です.
    My first single-authored paper entitled "A level-set-based topology optimisation method based on a B-spline approximation using surface gradients at sampling points" has just been accepted for publication in Transactions in Jascome.

    ■ 2021/09/30:
    Prof. Noguchi will coordinate a nice lecture series on the topological derivative on 25-29, Oct.

    ■ 2021/09/15:
    共著論文がComputer-Aided Design誌にアクセプトされました. 主に名大の高橋先生と佐藤くん(元名大)の仕事で、アイソジオメトリック境界要素法による3次元最適設計法に関する論文です.
    Our paper has just been accepted for publication in Computer-Aided Design. This work is mainly done by Prof. Takahashi (@Nagoya U.) and Mr. Sato (a former graduate student @Naguay U.) and proposes a new 3D shape optimisation by the isogeometric boundary element method. Congrats, Takahashi-sensei!

    ■ 2021/07/09:
    Our grant proposal has been accepted for Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Research (Exploratory).

    ■ 2021/04/01:
    Prof. Isakari is appointed as a director of Japan society for computational methods in engineering (JASCOME).

    ■ 2021/04/01:
    飯盛が慶應義塾大学理工学部システムデザイン工学科に着任し, 飯盛研究室が発足しました.
    Prof. Isakari is assinged as an assistant professor for Keio Univ., and our Lab. has just started.